One of The Leading Clove Plantation in Indonesia

Nitto Holdings is a diversified agricultural company that was established in December 2015 with operations in cloves plantation, cloves trading, pig fattening and pig breeding throughout the Minahasa area in North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Nitto Holdings was founded with the vision of transforming the agriculture and horticulture industry in the Minahasa area which will radically improve the livelihood of the local farmers. This is done through employing and sharing global best practices of clove farming, creating systems and programs to incentivize and help local farmers to sell local produce and providing employment and training to local residents.

Nitto Holdings is currently producing the best quality dried cloves and pigs. Throughout history cloves have always been one of the most valuable spices in the world dating back to the Dutch colonization era of the spice islands in Indonesia. Dried cloves can be used in cigarettes, cooking, medicines, pesticide and beauty products such as hand lotions. Indonesia remains to be the world's largest producer of cloves. Processed clove oil also has many applications in medicine, perfume, flavor enhancer and cosmetics industry. Cloves in the Minahasa area is known to be the best quality cloves in Indonesia based on the aroma and taste. Pork is currently the most consumed meat in the world and in Indonesia the second highest consumption and production of pork is in Sulawesi.


To be the leading diversifed agricultural company in indonesia and to have the most positive social and
economic impact within the community


Integrity & Ethics - Uphold the highest form of integrity and ethics to all stakeholders

Community - Maximize positive impact to surrounding community

Teamwork - Prioritize the team over any individual goals

Respect - Respects each other in any situation

Prayer - Always pray and give thanks to God irrespective of the religion


Achieve operational excellence and produce the best quality product

Promote the local Minahasa agriculture and livestock products in the international market

Empower and give opportunities for local farmers

Develop the local community in Minahasa

Share international best practice and develop capabilities in Minahasa