We Supply The Best Quality Clove

Clove Plantation

Our main line of business is in clove plantations and we have two plantations in the Minahasa area in North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Dried cloves have always been one of the most produced and most valued commodity in the region with uses ranging from enhancing the flavor in cigarettes, cooking ingredients, raw ingredients for medicine, ingredients for pesticides and beauty products. Indonesia currently is the world's largest producer of cloves and within Indonesia the Minahasa area is known to be a big contributor of the highest quality of cloves in the country.

Our plantation consists of mostly Zanzibar clove trees and some local Minahasa clove trees. In our plantation we oversee the end to end process of producing the cloves itself. We maintain existing clove trees by cleaning, fertilizing and using natural pesticides for the plantation while we continue to plant new trees. During harvesting season, with the help of the local community, we harvest the clove flower buds, clean them and dry them using a combination of both traditional and modern methods by employing new technologies such as a clove dryer machine to maximize efficiency.

Our main product is dried clove buds. The cloves are homogeneous in size, dark brown in color and the odor characteristic is not musty. Our cloves are of the best quality with moisture of content of at most 12% with limited foreign matter and/or damaged cloves. Our dried cloves are also officially certified by the local government under the Masyarakat Perlindungan Cengkeh Minahasa (MPCM) program to ensure the authenticity and quality of the product. The local government in Minahasa launched the MPCM program to standardize and maintain the level of quality produced by cloves in the Minahasa area.

Clove Trading

In addition to the clove planations, we are also in the clove trading business where we purchase and select dried cloves from local farmers and re-sell them. We have a warehouse located in Tomohon city in North Sulawesi for clove trading. This trading activity really helps the local community and improve the well being of traditional farmers.