We Supply The Best Quality Pig

We have a pig farm business is in Tomohon city in North Sulawesi where we have operations in both pig fattening and pig breeding. The end product for this is adult pigs between 6-7 months weighing over 100kg. The type of pigs that we breed whether cross breed or pure breed are Berkshire, Durog and Landrace.

Pig Fattening

In our pig fattening business, our team of experts hand picked and purchase the best local Minahasa baby piglets which are 1-2 months old. We then fatten them with the best quality feed sourced from local suppliers. We also take good care of the pig's health with regular vitamins and checkups from qualified doctors. The pigs will be ready for sale once they have reached maturity at 6-7 months old with the sizable weight of over 100kg.

Pig Breeding

We handpick the best pigs to be bred. We also ensure the best quality offsprings by breeding the best combination of pigs based on their species and attributes. We have an expert on standby to help with the end to end process including ensuring the health of the pigs and piglets in the mating and pregnancy process.